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nBrane CDN Services





Bypass the difficult process of integrating a content delivery network into the Dnn Platform. We automatically provision our cdn network and configure your website to serve all static content (css, js, images, etc) from our worldwide edge network. Content will automatically be served from the closest data-center, allowing simultaneous transfer of your rich media which will drastically improve your website performance and search ranking.


Our data-centers are strategically placed in areas of high demand, accelerated by Anycast routing and 100% SSD servers. 

Extra locations are available for an additional fee.

US: Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Virginia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco

EU: Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Paris, South America, São Paulo

Asia & Pacific: Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Israel

The standard plan starts at $25/month and includes 150gb of usage. Additional bandwidth is billed at 6¢ per gb.


Our modules, created by DNN expert Oliver Hine,  are unique, we won't force you to upgrade your site just to utilize our solutions. We target every version from v5.6.1 and up in three different builds. DotNetNuke v5.6.1+, v6.2.2+ and v7.3.1+. While you can technically still use the v5.6.1 build on v8, we recommend sticking with the build which is closest to your installation.


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