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Allows Dnn to operate correctly in a high availability webfarm environment by synchronizing the internal dnn cache between each of your front end IIS nodes. Without this provider, your users will start to report making changes which disappear and reappear as they're routed between different servers with an out-of-sync cache. We support self hosted farms, azure and amazon ec2 out of the box.


Our modules, created by DNN expert Oliver Hine,  are unique, we won't force you to upgrade your site just to utilize our solutions. We target every version from v5.6.1 and up in three different builds. DotNetNuke v5.6.1+, v6.2.2+ and v7.3.1+. While you can technically still use the v5.6.1 build on v8, we recommend sticking with the build which is closest to your installation.


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