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Page Caching

CDN Services


What will the nBrane Performance Suite do for my website?

Performance Suite dramatically
Decreases load times for sites run on

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Allows your Dnn site to generate static versions of each page, which greatly improves page loading times by decreasing the load on both your web and database server by 50-90%. By default we enable this on all pages visible to guest users. You can easily adjust which pages are cached and also tweak the variations for any custom modules or dynamic content.


Bypass the difficult process to integrate CDNs into the Dnn Platform. We automatically provision the provider and configure your Dnn website to serve all static content (css, js, images, etc) from our worldwide edge network. Content will automatically be served from the closest datacenter, allowing simultaneous transfer of your rich media which will drastically improve your website performance and search ranking.


Allows Dnn to operate correctly in a high availability webfarm environment by synchronizing the internal dnn cache between each of your front end IIS nodes. Without this provider, your users will start to report making changes which disappear and reappear as they're routed between different servers with an out-of-sync cache. We support self hosted farms, azure and amazon ec2 out of the box.

What about scalability and customer support?

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